“One thing that hasn’t changed through the last 25 years is that I really, really love to dance.”

A little dance-memory from three research meetings with Antoine Ragot at the Lake Studios close to Berlin, January 2016.

Brenton Cheng & me were flat mates at the Kiev Festival 2012 with inspiring talks – and then had this wild dance …

A moment of dancing from a 4-day research meeting with Tanja Striezel in Berlin January 2017.

Ruslan Santah invited me to the Kiev Festival in 2012. This dance happened on one of the jams – and a lot of back-space material fell into our dance.

Moments from one of my few set pieces. We developed around 10 different versions. This is the first one, based on Jenny Haack’s vision. Performed in a huge church in Frankfurt/ Oder 2005.

‘Between Chairs’ from Jenny Haack in 2007. An excerpt from an evening long piece, that Jenny choreographed. Sweet to see Nina Wehnert and me from many years ago. Now we are connected mainly through jamming or collaborating on CI related events.

I like this one! This dance with Angela Kalis was based on an exercise from the beautiful Intesive of Tim O’Donnell on our festival ‘contact-meets-contemporary’ in 2013.

My dear husband-like collegue Daniel Werner. We are mainly visible through teaching together. Nice to have this dancing footage …

At the end of a long day we had this happy outburst of energy. Tanja and me at the ‘moving body’ 2016 in Berlin, where Frederike Tröscher taught BMC and I Contact Improvisation. A participant filmed the last minutes it with a phone …

This dance feels like a starting point for the dance and teaching relationship that Adrian Russi & me share. We met on stage in this dance at the ECITE 2005 in Estonia.

After CI 36 – the huge celebration of the 36th anniversary of Contact Improvisation – at a post event at Earthdance in Massachusetts 2008. Brando asked me for a dance, that he wanted to film. I am happy he did.

After a day of preparing a Contact Improvisation Workshop near Byron Bay/ Australia in April 2021 we took a moment to dance while having a camera recording us. Everytime I watch it now it makes me happy, even though the video quality is pretty poor.