Zenthai Shiatsu

… a body work therapy

For 30 years I have been working with touch and the organisation of the human body as a dancer and teacher of Contact Improvisation around the world.
Recently, I have commenced training to become a Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist. So much of my knowledge gained through the decades of embodied practice is already sinking into the Zenthai work. It is a unique blend of Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage and elements of Osteopathy. Ultimately, it can be a custom-designed body therapy, that balances the body-mind system on a physical and energetic level. Different kinds of pain, exhaustion, digestive issues, anxiety amongst other ailments can be addressed.

At this point in my learning, it is mainly a bodywork method that helps release muscular blockages and that enables deep relaxation, leaving clients somatically nurtured and more at peace. A session is usually 90-minutes long including a brief check-in before and after the session.

The treatment is donation-based, on a sliding scale between $40-$90 – as feels good for you. For now it will help me to finance my Zenthai Shiatsu Training and getting my equipment together.

The first session I offer for free to anyone who is local to the Maleny area.

If you would like to give it a go, please contact me: [email protected], +61 492 803 149

More information about Zenthai Shiatsu: https://zenthaishiatsu.com/about/


“Joerg’s Zenthai sessions are simply exquisite. His extensive experience of working with the body is palpable from the moment the sessions begin. There is a sense of deep listening and attunement which creates a safe environment. This subsequently facilitates a welcomed release in body and mind both throughout the session and in the days following. Highly recommended!”

-Noa Rotem, Movement and Theatre Artist, and BMC® Somatic Movement Educator

“Thank you Jörg! The ZenThai massage was not only a heavenly experience, it also stretched my whole body out very nicely, so much so that I’ve been feeling quite amazing (and free of my usual lower back pain) all week since.”

– Kris Randall