january, 2024

02janallday05CI Winter Intensive with Joerg Hassmann / Somatische Akademie Berlin STABILITY, CHANGE & FLOW

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It has been four years since my last Winter Intensive. So much has happened since then. I moved to Australia, Covid came, the Ukraine war, droughts and floods … Global changes have affected my private life more than ever before and accompanied personal shifts. Maybe different than before. I am longing for stability, change and flow – all of those three :)


I love this moment of the year after the intensity of the build up to Christmas and the end of the year before life returns to its usual pace and patterns. A moment to breathe and decompress. A moment to let things sink, to notice where I am, to find ground, to not plan ahead but to see what emerges. I guess that’s what we often do at the beginning of “the underscore”, not often enough in life though. Can I sense the difference between this kind of grounding versus patterns of “holding on”? What do I rely on? Where is trust growing in me?

I am curious about change, hungry for it and scared about it. “The only constant in life is change” says Heraclit. When can I invite it? Open up for it? Navigate myself through it?

Wow, big questions. Flow is not the answer, but it is in my experience an amazing tool to reach a sense of aliveness that softens and opens mind & heart to feel more options.

I’d like to use these big questions for our CI practice, for the somatically fed physicality of it and its technical foundation. We will indulge in the complexity of bodysurfing, and will wonder about how to get into touch and connections with sared weight and also how to leave the physical closeness again. A spice of technical nerdiness will have its moments, trying to figure things out alone and together. And the questions around stability, change and flow will be palpable in our journeys through open dance frames.

I am curious if and how our days of embodiment practice will be fed by our private and global realities and feed back into it.

Level: intermediate/advanced – people should feel comfortable with navigating themselves through open dance frames and should feel very familiar with CI on a technical level. As a ball figure we imagine a minimum of 3 years of regular practice in CI.

TIMES 2-5 January 2024, Tuesday-Friday 10-17 (90 min lunch break)

On Wednesday we booked the studio until 8pm to eat and hang out together beyond the dance.

FEE 350-270 EUR (sliding scale)

INFO & REGISTRATION [email protected]

LOCATION Somatische Akademie Berlin, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

FB https://www.facebook.com/events/6683500011715809


january 2 (Tuesday) - 5 (Friday)