may, 2020

02mayallday03CI Workshop in SydneyThe Contact Body & The Improv Mind

Event Details

Due to the Corona Virus situation we had to cancel this Workshop, we are super sorry!

But we want to make it happen at a later point, when meeting, dancing and connecting with groups is possible again!



I wish to have two essential poles of our CI practice more alive and available: the contact body, that is responsive to touch & weight everywhere & anytime, allowing a weight sharing duet that builds up physical & emotional trust for subtleties & risk taking. And on the other side an improvisation mind that enjoys the complexity of the wider surrounding for intuitive and compositional choice making. I am longing to see the self-sufficiency of soloing, committed CI duets, fearless trio work and the whole group as an intelligent organism.

We will explore moving bodywork as an improvisational journey, where many compositional aspects are tangible and which brings the body into its full CI capacity. We’ll explore how the improvisation mind can develop in this bodywork and survive in CI situations, soloing and more complex situations.

Especially trios I’d love to explore a bit more, since I found ways to make them more easily accessible. And they open us up beyond the familiarity of a CI duet.

We will definitely dance a lot!!
Participants should feel familiar within the field of Contact Improvisation


A Saturday and Sunday Workshop with Joerg Hassmann.

Spaces are very limited- we filled an event in 2019 of 50 attendees, and only have spots for 25 this year.

To book, transfer to the following account:

Name: Eamonn O’Flaherty
BSB: 944600
Account Number: 000138151
Reference: [Your Name]

Cost is $200
Earlybird (by 31st of March) $175


may 2 (Saturday) - 3 (Sunday)


ReadyMade Studios - Level 1

247–257 Bulwara Rd Ultimo, Sydney, Australia


Eamonn O'Flaherty[email protected]