march, 2021

26marallday28Contact Improv Workshop in Newcastle/ AustraliaINDEPENDENT & CONNECTED

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Feeling connected when not being in touch with someone.
Keeping a sense of independence when going through a committed phase of physical contact.
How do we get there?
These will be the underlying questions of the workshop and will hopefully create a space where we will experience our dancing together more strongly as group, than a collection of solos and duets.
Developmental movement patterns and an elasticity that is connected to the fascia will be part of the somatic input for these explorations, so that we can find a connectedness within the body as a whole, while having freedom and independence in certain parts of the body like in our arms, legs or eyes.
The workshop will include technical basics around sharing weight, leading and following and some lifts to enhance our ability to stay in a committed Contact duet, so that independence becomes a choice.
Sounds like a lot of work, but the driving force will be the curiosities of our moving bodies dancing.
Workshop information
Level: Previous experience with contact improvisation is helpful but not essential.
People should be familiar with focusing on sensations in the moving body, working with touch and open frames to explore and dance.
If you are unsure, please contact Jo or Luke at [email protected]
WHEN Fri 26th– Sun 28thMarch, 2021
Fri: 7.15pm – 9.15pm
Sat: 10am-6pm (with 2 hour lunch)
Sun: 10am-5pm (with 1.5 hour lunch)
To immerse in the dance and in connections with others, we wish for people to attend the whole weekend. Knowing that for some people that is not possible we have included some places to participate ‘only Friday’ or ‘only Friday and Saturday’ with amended fees. See in booking link
Location in Newcastle, to be announced in early March
$250 normal
$200 reduced (If the regular price is too much for your current income level you can choose the reduced rate)
$300 supporting (Paying this higher price makes it possible for us to offer cheaper tickets for people with less money)
We don’t want money to be a restricting factor for people to join the workshop. If the reduced fee is still too much then please email Jo or Luke at [email protected]. We have a few places reserved, where you pay what you can.
If the event is cancelled for any reason you will receive a full refund.

Photo: Adrian Russi & Joerg Hassmann, by Kerstin Hilkers


march 26 (Friday) - 28 (Sunday)


Contact Improvisation Newcastle[email protected]