september, 2018

28sepallday30Contact Improvisation Workshop in Geneve/ Switzerlandelasticity and timing

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elasticity and timing

A reason for deeply satisfying dances is that we feel connected within ourselves and at the same time to our dance partner or our further environment. For both the connective tissue in our body, that we nowadays often call the fascia, can play a crucial role. It’s elasticity can give us extra time and nuances in the way we say YES but also in the way we make invitations for someone to follow us.

With the focus on elastic structures in the body and in the point of contact we gain more freedom in terms of available direction and also in terms of how quick or slow we respond. Accellaration, momentum and through that falling, transporting and lifting become more easily part of the dance.

We will mix deeper somatic work with very practical explorations of common CI situations, diving into details and letting go of it all to find the dance that unfolds its aliveness in its own ways.

Does it need a word about the experience level? Would you like it to be open for beginners, or do you prefer it to be only for people with a good basic knowledge of CI, where we could dive more directly into the work? For me the second option is easier.

Joerg Hassmann

Inspired by contact improvisation since 25 years as a way to understand and celebrate the moving body and human communcation. Many kinds of sports, release techniques, somatic work, instant composition and creating dance and theater performances have informed his dance and his teaching. As the artistic director Joerg is involved in the CI festival ‘contact-meets-contemporary‘. Together with Daniel Werner he developed a systematic approach to Contact Technique that they teach in Training Programmes in Berlin and throughout Europe ( His writings under give deeper iinsights into his passion.


september 28 (Friday) - 30 (Sunday)