august, 2020

02augallday08Contact-meets-Contemporarya Contact festival that invites knowledge from other contemporary dance forms

Event Details

We are super sorry that our festival won’t be happening this year!

We were looking for alternative ways and locations to make it happen. But dealing with the amount of unclarity around what will be legally possible concerning covid-19 and the extra logistics, especially concerning food and socializing, was beyond our capacities.

Thank you all for the patience and support we received from many sides. It was wonderful to feels people’s engangement and generosity in this waiting period. Super sad, that we can’t harvest the energy of that by comming physically all together as usual.
After a little pause we’ll slowly start preparing cmc 2021, which should be able to happen end of July beginning of August next year.

Enjoy the little niches that are opening up more and more for embodied being, dancing and connecting.
All the best from your cmc Team

Joerg, Nadja, Gabi and Daniel


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Some deeper insights into the idea and history of the festival you can
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The festival is designed for people who feel rather familiar with CI or Contemporary Dance.




august 2 (Sunday) - 8 (Saturday)