december, 2021


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A day of movement and body awareness in effortless interaction with others, inviting a non-judgemental mindset and the courage to know less and to be more curious…
In this workshop I want to introduce basic principles of this multilayered dance form around leading & following and the question of how to give & take weight in explorative and consensual ways. Through working with the weight of other people we’ll get in touch with very basic experiences of trusting and being trustworthy with the potential to relate more fully to another person.
I am endlessly inspired how technical aspects of this dance can draw us into deeper connections to oneself and others, especially when coming from a somatic approach, where listening to the body and it’s motivations & limitations is an integral part of the inquiry.
No previous experiences needed to join this workshop, just enough openness to try things out and a body that is happy to move between the floor and standing.
10am – 5pm (90 min break)
$120 normal
$150 supporting others
If you are experiencing financial hardship, there are a couple of tickets available by donation.
THE FARM, 7/18 Mountain View Ave, Miami QLD 4220
Maja: [email protected], 0403718583
Joerg Hassmann
Dancer and passionate movement teacher. Deeply interested in learning and the question ‘what is it that makes us feel connected?’ – on many different levels. He is one of the leading figures in Europe in the field of Contact Improvisation through teaching for more than 25 years, offering Training Programmes and organising festivals. Since a bit more than a year he lives in Maleny with his australian wife and his son.
Experiences from participants
“I attended a workshop with Joerg Hassmann and I found it madly intriguing, deeply confronting, childishly playful, spiritually important and ultimately a gateway into a whole new way of interacting with people.” (Karl – first time participant)
“Joerg delivers in a way that sparks curiosity and empowers each dancer to discover themselves through their own exploration.” (Lilli – regular practitioner)
“For me, Joerg’s classes are a gift, and I’m grateful to have ongoing opportunities to learn with such a highly skilled, passionate, internationally respected teacher and dancer.”(Joana – long term practitioner and organiser)
“I felt as if my inner child was allowed to be free and expressive but not at the expense of my adult self (…) all held in deep safety and care.” (Jacinta – first time participant)
Self-Responsibility Agreement
In attending this workshop I take full responsibility of my own health and wellbeing. I acknowledge the nature of this workshop involves proposals to participate in exercises and movements that may be new to me. I recognise that the proposals are simply offers to try, and I take full responsibility to participate only within my own capacity as I see fit at the time. I acknowledge that the workshop facilitator has no liability for any injuries which may occur during this workshop.
Cancellation Policy RE C-Word
We are aware of the current covid situation on the gold coast and will see what’s possible in terms of gatherings in the days leading up to the workshop. If we need to cancel the workshop we’ll refund the paid fees, of course.
Katelyn Stiles
dancing: Elske Seidel & Joerg Hassmann


(Saturday) 10:00 - 17:00



7/18 Mountain View Ave, Miami QLD 4220


Maja Hanna[email protected], 0403718583