november, 2019

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Event Details

Experienced Half Year Programme in Contact Improvisation
with Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann

in Cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin

6 blocks between September 2019 – February 2020

The Programme started already in September and is designed as a series of Workshops with a continous group. So, it is not possible to join in later sorry!

This half year programme is a special, more experienced edition than usual. It is mainly designed for people, who already participated in a Berlin Half Year Programme, or in a Compact Training Programme with 3 blocks, that we offered in Munich and Amsterdam. But we are also welcoming a few people who haven’t worked with us so intensely yet. To make it work, you’d need to have quite a strong base in CI, since you need to get into our vocabulary and general approach, which the others already can use as a common language.

Some words about the content: As in the basic training programme the core question of our work is ‘What is it that makes us feel connected – within ourselves and with the people we dance with?’
Developmental movement patterns have become our experiental narrative for this, including the research of anatomical core structures like bones, joints and muscles. They offer effortless and powerful ways to move alone and together within all the weight baring situations of a CI duet.
Also other knowledge of somatic practices inspires us – especially the connectivity and elasticity of the fascia network – and different parts of the nervous system, that influence our state of readiness and availability.

We will revisit partner material from the basic programme, which enables a CI duet to move smoothly and easefully through all spacial levels, from the floor to lifts and jumps. Partly we will just deepen those experiences, finding more precision, new details & clarity, challenges and surprisingly new options in the supposedly known. But we will also offer some more challenging material, that would be too demanding for a basic training – working on momentum, travelling, backspace or upside down situations. But mainly we would like to create more open frames for dancing, labbing and researching, where individual curiosities and challenges have more space.

The dates
25.-27.10. (only Daniel)
15.-17.11. (only Joerg)
22.-23.2. (practing weekend)

880-740 € (as you can)

Information & registration
[email protected]

Tanzfabrik Berlin, Moeckernstr. 68, Berlin-Kreuzberg
(mainly in the beautiful Studio 4)


Check our homepage:


november 15 (Friday) - 17 (Sunday)