june, 2024

30jun10:0017:00One-day Workshop Peregian Beach/ Sunshine CoastSENSING THE DIFFERENCE

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Before I head off for my Europe tour I’d like to offer another one-day Workshop in my home community.
Rising & sinking, expanding vs collecting, orienting forwards or backwards, eyes open and closed, being held vs giving support …
We are probably all familiar with these polarities. They give us more options to play with in our CI practice. What I am intrigued by is what these different options mean for our ‚sense of being‘ or experiencing ourselves and others in the dance, beyond the technical or improvisational benefit.
Movements have the power to move me, to touch me, to make my heart sing. What happens if we drop from the level of pure movement into sensing them … into noticing what they move in us. I wish to notice these inner resonances as a constant journey of discovery, detecting where something is swinging, where movements get filled with flavours and textures, which might be impossible to name. But they may help us to get in touch with the different alivenesses that make us experience each moment in the dance in unique ways.
I am curious to re-visit basic exercises with this input and see how they might feel different and potentially more rich than usual.
Previous experience in CI is supportive for enjoying the Workshop but not necessary. But you should have visited one class or Jam before coming.
10am-5pm (with 90 min break)
$120/ 100/ 140 (regular/ concession/ supporting others)
We don’t want money to be the limiting factor. In doubt get in touch.
Elske Seidel & Joerg Hassmann by Katelyn Stiles


(Sunday) 10:00 - 17:00


Peregian Beach Community House

5-7 Rufous Street , Peregian Beach, QLD, Australia, Queensland