A highlight and red thread of a workshop in Warsaw became a very simple hands-on exercise, kind of the most simple version of it: One person is moving, the other one follows with the hands on the movers body without giving any directions. That’s in a way it.

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Soeben hatte ich bei einer recht bewegenden Grinberg Sitzung plötzlich einen Moment von Klarheit und ich sagte: „Deshalb tanze ich wahrscheinlich!“

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I am constantly amazed about the impact that the focus on the sensations under the skin has in my work. So often it becomes the turning point from ‘having a good time and learning a lot’ to ‘something is really happening’. It just happened again on the 7th Madrid Contact Festival and I was surprised how deep the investigation went with 55 people…

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At the moment everyone seems to love the fascia, the revolution. Something – that was always neglected or at least underestimated in its importance – becomes the all connecting hero, the salvation for everything, like back pain, headaches, the immune system, more functional movements…. Read more

Why it is not enough to do the right shape or to try to relax?

In the context of Contact Improvisation, somatic work and contemporary dance most people are probably familiar with phrases like ‘the spine floats upwards’ or ‘the tale can hang, the sacrum rests, the sternum softens downwards’ …

I am very used to hearing and saying those phrases, suggesting the body a direction, usually without moving into this direction. I have these moments when I wonder ‘what am I actually doing when I say theses things?’ and ‘why do I do it?’

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