october, 2023

20octallday22CI Retreat Cooran/ Sunshine Coast

Event Details

I am looking forward to another inter-community gathering with people coming up from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Nothern Rivers and maybe even further. It is always such a rich experience spending these days together, camping in this quiet, stunning valley with a huge dam, lots of space, communal meals, space to hang out and be alone or together, having a fire … all grounded in and connected through the physical practice of our dance.
The Cooran town hall is a vivid community space with a beautiful floor. As usual somatic solo and hands-on work will bring us into the present moment of sensing and listening with a curious body-mind set. We will make use of developmental movement patterns, the elasticity of the fascia and the regulation of the nervous system.
The topic of this Workshop is still in process, but for sure we will work on essential CI technique in a way that inspires the advanced dancers and gives access to this multilayered dance form also for people who are still rather new in the field. We’ll dive into delicious details and expand into very open formats for the dance to take over.
One warm meal per day is served so that the focus can stay more easily on our personal needs and also us being together as a group.
Fri 6-8
Sat 9:30-6:30 with a looong lunch break
Sun 9-4 with a long-ish lunch break
FEES (2 lunches included)
$260 normal
$220 reduced
$300 supporting others
Camping comes at an extra fee of $20 pp/night… payable by direct deposit or cash on the weekend.
dancing: Cooran Hall- 14 King St, Cooran.
camping & lunches: Hillier Retreat campground- 236 Arthys Rd, Cooran.
For further information and correspondence, please contact me, Joerg
0492 803 149
[email protected]


october 20 (Friday) - 22 (Sunday)