november, 2023

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I am very happy and excited to come and teach again in Melbourne! It has been too long – more than four years with several failed attempts. But now it is happening!
Contact Improvisation can offer spaces to connect human to human, with heart-opening moments in the flow on the unpredictable journey of a dance. Underneath, there is the technical side with many ‘How to …?’ questions. How do I invite someone to share weight, without limiting their options? How do I give weight without being too heavy? How do we share weight while keeping the dance moving through space and levels?
The Technique and the Heart, how do they go together? – in my own awareness, in the dances I get into and in the community we create? Big questions that will be fed and moved in this Workshop by working on skills around ‘lifts’. A part of the answer has probably to do with ‘listening’ 🙂
My approach has a strong somatic base including developmental movement patterns, work with the elasticity of the fascia and bringing awareness to the regulation of the nervous system.
And a promise: We’ll dance a lot!
The Workshop will give inspiration for long term practitioners but is also welcoming for people who already have a sense of the basics of CI and want to go further and deeper.
Fri 6-8pm
Sat 10am-6pm (with a 2h break to eat, get out and rest)
Sun 10am-4:30 (with a 1.5h break…)
$250 normal
$200 reduced
$300 supporting (Paying this higher price makes it possible for us to offer cheaper tickets for those in need)
Dancehouse, 150 Princes St, Carlton North VIC 3054
contact: [email protected] or via messenger
Joerg is a dancer and passionate movement teacher, deeply interested in learning and the question ‘what is it that makes us feel connected?’ – on many different levels. He is one of the leading figures in Europe in the field of Contact Improvisation, and has been teaching for more than 25 years, offering training programmes and organising festivals. He’s been living on the Sunshine Coast for the last four years, facilitating the growths of the local CI community.
“I found the workshop madly intriguing, deeply confronting, childishly playful, spiritually important and ultimately a gateway into a whole new way of interacting with people.” (Karl – first time participant)
“For me, Joerg’s classes are a gift, and I’m grateful to have ongoing opportunities to learn with such a highly skilled, passionate, internationally respected teacher and dancer.” (Joana – long term practitioner and organiser)
“I felt as if my inner child was allowed to be free and expressive but not at the expense of my adult self. (…) all held in deep safety and care.” (Jacinta – first time participant)
photo: Joerg Hassmann & Adrian Russi by Kerstin Hilkers


november 3 (Friday) - 5 (Sunday)


Dancehouse Melbourne