february, 2023

09feballday12Understory - a residential retreat - save the date!!somatic improvisation meets embodied nature connection

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Understory – a residential Retreat

somatic improvisation meets embodied nature connection

For this new and experimental adventure, Joanna Lin and I are bringing together our passions for somatic inquiry, deep nature connection, and community.

While we love the depth, playfulness and complexity of authentic connections in the practice of Contact Improvisation, we are aware that, for different reasons, Contact Improvisation is for many people not accessable. How can we share this experiential and somatic richness in other, less exclusive ways?
How can we do this while linking our human bodies with the more the human world?

Our title ‘Understory’ is inspired by the understory of the forest, connecting to the rich and diverse space beneath the canopy, and combined with ‘The Underscore’ – Nancy Stark-Smith’s life’s work (a long-form dance improvisation structure). As a Co-founder of CI she developed a system of symbols to describe ways of how we relate to ourselves, our surroundings and other humans. We love the clarity, simplicity and depth of it.

Symbols have been used by Indigenous people on these lands for millenia, to tell stories, to map, guide and connect.

Symbols feel like anchors to us, where meaning can attach in a non-linear ways, offering direction for experiencing and for reflection. We’re inspired by how we could apply Nancy’s Underscore symbols and others, to support our nature- based and relationship- based somatic inquiries.

We will offer frames for somatic work in a studio as well as sessions at the beach and in the bush. We’ll go on journeys alone and together, finding new insights and growths, sharing who and how we are…

Food and accomodation will be provided at the beautiful – and basic – Glenrock Scout Camp where we had an amazing CI Retreat in May 2022.

more content and information about fees and registration will be announced





february 9 (Thursday) - 12 (Sunday) Sydney


Glenrock Scout Camp

Glenrock Scout Camp, Scout Camp Rd, Whitebridge NSW 2290


Joanna Lin[email protected]