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Travelling on floor level and in standing

Thoughts for preparing an intermediate/advanced CI workshop in Warsaw In my teaching I usually focus a lot on how to keep the shared weight moving while dancing through all spacial levels. How do we lift each other and how do we get smoothly and safely to the floor are core questions? In this workshop I […]

The art of waiting – suspension in the skin and beyond

I am constantly amazed about the impact that the focus on the sensations under the skin has in my work. So often it becomes the turning point from ‘having a good time and learning a lot’ to ‘something is really happening’. It just happened again on the 7th Madrid Contact Festival and I was surprised […]

Performing Improvisation – What are we doing here?

I have big doubts about beforming Improvisation, especially Contact Improvisation. Under the pressure of satisfying the audience’s needs we easily fall back into our fear patterns and start doing childish or selfish things nobody really needs to see. I am grateful when I have the opportunity to understand more deeply, the motivations and traps in […]

‘Witnessing’ or: ‘eyes on work’!

Most people who have practiced CI will have been confronted with the word or concept of ‘witnessing’. And I guess the vast majority was – at least in the beginning – irritated. I use the term ‘witnessing’ quite a lot in my teaching but I still struggle with the word. It sounds so sterile and […]

The secret of being light

One interest in my dancing is to be light, to not be a burden for my dance partner. Maybe a wish that – even though we are sharing weight – moving for my dance partner doesn’t physically be heavier than moving alone. I don’t want to know which terrifying aspects of my personality a psycho […]